Authority head

Staff major general Mahmoud Foad Saleem Haroun

staff major general /Mahmoud Haroun took over as the head of General Military Training Commission for Palestinian security services(GMTC) since December 2021; in addition to that he will hold office a...

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Major General / Yousef Al-Helou

Major General Youssef Al-Helou joined the ranks of the security establishment when he joined the German Military College in 1981. Since Major General Youssef Al-Helou assumed his first leadership posi...

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Major General Jumma Hamdallah

He was born in 10/7/1952
He studied the basic and secondary schools in Beit Liqya schools.
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Major General / Younis Al-Aas

Born in 1947 in Deir Tarif), a Palestinian politician and soldier holds the rank of major general, and a member of the Fatah movement and the Palestinian National Council. He held the position of head...

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Major General Samih Nasr Muhammad Al-Natour

He was born in Deir Zarif village in 1948
He attended the Jordanian Military College in 1965
He participated in the 1967 war West Bank, and he was an officer in the
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